Beauty Can be on your Feet

Okay, I admit it. My mama was a shoe horse and had quite a collection of petite size 4.5 shoes.

My shoes aren’t as small but I can say this. I am a shoe horse too.

When Randy and I moved into our first home my mother-in-law unpacked my shoes and clothes. She was amazed at the number of pairs of shoes I had. I don’t remember the exact count but I know it was over 50.

Choosing the right shoes is more important than just matching your outfit. Some shoes have the ability to elongate your legs and flatter your figure for a thinner appearance.


  • Heels will Make Your Legs Appear Thinner. The heels don’t have to be terribly high, but there’s no doubt that if you want to appear slimmer, a bit of a heel will help dramatically.


  •  Pointy Toe Shoes will Help Make Legs Appear Longer. If your legs look longer, they will also appear thinner – and shoes with pointy toes will help make your legs seem longer. So, even if you think your legs are long enough, if it’s a thinner appearance you’re after, try a shoes with pointed toes.


  • Match Your Shoes to Your Hose, Tights, or Pants. Matching your shoes to your hose, tights, or pants will help your legs look thinner. Avoid wearing light-colored hose with dark shoes and a dark skirt. Nude colored shoes are a great summer investment for pairing with skirts and dresses.


  • Opened-Toed Shoes. Shoes with an open toe or high heeled sandals will give your thighs and calves a slimmer appearance than a closed-toe shoe will.


  • Avoid Shoes with Ankle Straps. Shoes with ankle straps will give the appearance of shorter legs and, as discussed above, longer seems thinner whether it is or not – so skip the ankle straps if you want your legs to look slimmer.


  • Wear Slingback or Backless Shoes. If you wear backless or slingback shoes instead of pumps, your legs will look thinner and longer.


Just so you know that I am raising my own girls in the same manner in which I was raised, I am truly passing on our heritage. I am now the proud but nearly penniless of three shoe horses!


And now here are some beautiful pictures from YOU:

Shelly’s son goofing off with his dog!

Inauguration day for Mary’s oldest son, Kurt.  He was the first homeschooled state legislator in the state of Missouri.

Here is what she felt that day in her own words:

“This was the most beautiful moment, the crowning moment, of my sacrifices.  It was beautiful”


Hermitage Trail in Scotland

Our Creator’s artistry!

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