Breaking a Big Job into Bite Sized Pieces

Have you ever been rendered immobile because of the (seeming) enormity of the project in front of you?

Let’s see if you can you relate to…

  • Cleaning out the garage.
  • Organizing toys.
  •  Sorting through seasonal clothes…what fits, what doesn’t?
  • Losing ten pounds.
  • Weeding out old books.
  • Making a meal plan.
  • Redecorating a room.
  • Tackling the hall closet.
  • Creating a daily cleaning routine.
  • Organizing paperwork.

and the list goes on……

Whether your home is neat and tidy or unorganized chaos, there’s probably a large project that you’ve been putting off doing simply because it seems overwhelming.

Perhaps you’re waiting until you have time. Or maybe you’re waiting until you have a “day home without the kids.” (HA!) Or you simply don’t know where to begin…so you don’t.

Ladies, help is here! Breaking your project into bite-sized nuggets will get your project started…and completed!

Try these steps:


Plan and Prepare:

1. Make a list of everything that needs to be done (so simple to do this on the computer!).

2. Put an allotted time next to each step for how long you expect that task to take, from 1 minute to several hours! (Just estimate as best you can).

3. Write down a simple reward to be redeemed when you’re ¾ of the way through (more on this under step 6)


Get Going:

4. Take your least favorite task and do it first. You’ll feel more motivated once it’s done and out of the way.

5. Next, tackle the shortest projects, so you get “more bang for your buck” (or time, as the case might be). Getting ten things done in an hour is way more motivating than getting only one thing finished.


Finish with Flair!

6. Now’s the time to refer back to your reward: when you’re almost finished with the project, use your perk…light the candle, turn on the special CD, put a tray of premade cookie dough into the oven, etc.

7. Finish with the “fun” stuff.


Any job instantly becomes more manageable and doable if you break it up into bite-sized pieces.

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Where are you going to start?

Love, Love, Love,

Lorrie, Randy’s Rib

Dedicated to Helping You Live God’s Priorities, Love Your Abundant Life, and Laugh Along the Way!

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8 Responses to Breaking a Big Job into Bite Sized Pieces

  • Tasha Roth says:

    I love this approach to getting things done. It makes me feel like, I am actually accompolishing things!! With this approach, and setting my kitchen timer, I get so much more done!! Thank you!!

  • I would have to say I dread cleaning the kitchen, so it goes undone for 4-5 days and then a smell starts…. but after I do it, then everything else in the house seems simple after I finish the kitchen.

    I would rather clean out the chicken coop before cleaning the kitchen. That’s bad!

  • Vonda says:

    Now I need to decide which big project will be first!
    Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Lorrie Flem says:

      Vonda, you can only do one at a time….so take some of these tips and concentrate on just that one. Don’t worry, the others aren’t going anywhere ;)

  • Regan Urquhart says:

    My big project this summer was reorganizing my kitchen cabinets. Normally, I would have attempted to do it all at once, but this time I did just one drawer or cabinet at a time. I didn’t plan a reward though and left what I dreaded most for last. It is still not done. Thanks for these tips that show me how I went wrong! I need to tackle the kids toys next, so I will start with what I dread most and plan a reward! Thank you!

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