Parenting His Grand-Children

Safety for Children while Sledding

Author Unknown

Remember sledding as a child? Safety was probably the furthest thing from your mind! Over the years, parents have wised up and know that sledding can be dangerous and children can get hurt. But if it’s done with some safety tips in mind, your kids can have a safe sledding experience.

Here are some tips regarding sled safety for children.

Choose the Right Sled

Choosing the best sled for your child’s age and your climate is important. Here are some of the types of sleds that are generally available, and what ages and conditions are best suited for that type. Continue reading

Listening test for Moms

Taken from 2002 fall TEACH magazine

Studies show that stay-at-home moms spend about 30 minutes a day conversing with their kids, and mothers who work outside the home spend fewer than 11 minutes. Now, if we assume that half of the time the mother is doing the talking (a logical assumption!), listening time drops to 15 minutes for the stay-at-home mom, and 5.5 for the mothers who work outside the home.

Recently, I have been convicted about my need to actively listen to my children. I have noticed a tendency in myself to keep washing dishes, folding laundry, or whatever else I was doing at the time I heard the precious voice query, “Mommy?” Not only do I often not stop my task, I often do not even pause long enough to make eye contact.

When I thought about myself going to God, often with what would seem trivial comments or requests (“God, please help me ___.”), what if He didn’t stop what He was doing long enough to listen to me? Pretty soon I would stop going. Continue reading

Turning the Volume DOWN and the Communication UP

Taken from Fall 2007 Eternal Encouragement

Turning the Volume DOWN and the Communication UP

Remember, this is a battle between you and the one whose goal in life is to see you fail. Put your armor on and pray. Pray for forgiveness, strength, and wisdom from your own mouth and your husband’s, as well as from others. Prayer is not suggested, it is absolutely vital if you want to overcome a habit of yelling.

If you are yelling at your children, they are going to grow up believing that yelling is an effective way to communicate. Of course, we know that this is not true so, here are some ideas for turning the volume down and the communication up.

1.     Apologize. Before you do anything else, share your heart with your children. Ask them to forgive you for allowing yourself to become so angry that you yell. Now tell them that you are going to be working on it, and with the grace of God, you are going to overcome it. Continue reading

7 Rules For Homeschooling

Taken from Fall 2007 Eternal Encouragement magazine

I homeschool and, as a general rule, I enjoy it–except on days when the children dawdle and a 30-minute lesson takes two hours. Or when we are so behind in housework that you can’t safely walk through it. Or when the baby doesn’t feel good. Or when the laundry is backed up and we don’t have any clean clothes. Or when I over-commit myself and am run ragged trying to keep up!

Hmmm, these sound like nearly everyday occurrences! These aren’t the unusual days, these are the norm! So how will I ever get my love for homeschooling back? Here are 7 rules for you to set for yourself to ensure that you don’t just enjoy homeschooling, but love it! Continue reading

Stop the Bickering With My 7 Special Squabble-Stopping Steps

Taken from Fall 2007 issue of Eternal Encouragement

What’s worse than fingernails scratching a blackboard? Bickering! It wears us out, wears us down, and wears our nerves ragged. Have you tried being patient? Rational? A good listener? I know, you’ve been there, done that! Tell them that bickering children are special and they require special treats–otherwise known as treatment. Here are 7 Special Squabble-Stopping Steps.

1. Special Talk.

Talk (don’t yell, they won’t hear you better) to them about the cost of bickering. It is pure stress for Mom and Dad, it doesn’t do anything but hurt their relationship with their sibling, it is contagious for the other siblings, and it isn’t fun for anyone, even the ones who are doing the bickering. Finally, remind them that God hand-picked their brothers and sisters for them because He loves them. (Need tips on how to STOP yelling? Check out my very first Kindle book on Yelling here) Continue reading