For Better or For Worse

by Kimberly Lacey

Your husband has a great job. You have been nominated to lead the ladies’ Bible study. Baby Susie, your little princess, just turned 6 weeks old yesterday. The new house is ready to move into next week. Everything you touch comes up roses. Life is great.

It is easy to be “happily married” in the “for better” times. You’re happy. Your spouse is happy. Your marriage is happy.

But what I want to talk about are the “for worse” times. Last month, you were laid off from your job . . . just two years before retirement. Hubby put out his back, falling down the stairs, and is on bed rest for six weeks. Little Susie is now 16 and running with the wrong crowd. Money is short; bills are overdue; medical expenses are piling up; and Susie is constantly getting into trouble at school.

It is harder to be “happily married” in the “for worse” times. Maybe the “for worse” is for the kind of reasons above, things out of your control. You and your husband are just treading water, trying to stay afloat, being laid off or sick, having a fire in your home, your last vehicle breaking down. These things may not be anyone’s fault; but they will place major strains on your relationship just the same.

In these cases, do all you can to pull closer together; don’t drift apart. Don’t let these major trials build a wall between you and your spouse. When your world is falling apart, don’t let your marriage fall apart with it. Pray and trust God. Love and cling to your mate. In the difficult times, hang on tight to each other and remember, this too shall pass. If you are walking through heart-breaking times, pray for the strength to take just one day at a time, or even just one minute at a time, if need be.

In other cases, it isn’t the external circumstances that are causing a marriage to falter. Sometimes, it truly is the marriage itself. Maybe your husband is unkind or indifferent. Maybe he doesn’t make you or your children feel important. Perhaps he has emotionally abandoned you and lost your respect. Or he has been unfaithful, and has broken your heart. Sadly, these circumstances can be harder to handle, because you feel like you’re all alone in the battle to save your marriage. You can’t lean on each other for support and strength. Your husband isn’t at your side, so you can’t cry on his shoulder when the load feels unbearable.

You may feel as if it all falls on you to stay true; it is up to you to keep up the fight for your marriage. But please remember that you aren’t truly alone in the fight. God wants marriage to be forever and He is here, right now, ready to help. As God has given everyone free will, including your husband, you can’t control the path your husband may ultimately take. But God knows your heart and will honor your faithfulness. He will not forsake you.

So “fight the good fight.” Marriage is worth fighting for, in the “for better” and the “for worse.”

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith,” II Timothy 4:7.


Kimberly Lacey and her husband, Tony, live in Upstate New York with their three daughters. She is the editor of Snippets. Kimberly also writes homeschool curriculum reviews on her blog, When not writing or editing, she enjoys reading and playing board games. She and her family also enjoy spending time outdoors and visiting historical places.

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One Response to For Better or For Worse

  • Katelynne says:

    Thank you, Kimberly, I needed that. I know God will never forsake me, BUT it is always good to hear it! May the Lord bless you today!

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