Fun With Flirting

Let me share with you some ideas on how to keep ‘em now that you’ve got ‘em.

  • Treat him like you did when you first met. Dress up and spend extra time on it when you are going out with him
  • Talk about him like you used to. Remember when your girlfriend rolled her eyes because you kept bringing the conversation back around to extolling his many virtues? Do it again. Talk him up. Let others know you are his cheerleader and the word will get back to him.
  • Spend time with him just doing things he likes to do.
  • Flirt with him.
  • Don’t be so predictable. Surprises and spontaneity keep him on his toes and anticipating what you might do next.

Don’t forget, you can still flirt after you are married. It’s not only winking your eye or giving him a “come over here, you hunk” look. Remember “the look” he used to give you? Your heart did a little flip and your insides just melted. What was it you used to do that precipitated that look? Was it the way you touched him on the way by? Was it when you made it so clear how glad you were to see him? Try to identify what it was and make it your challenge to see if you can get that old look to make a re-appearance.

One thing is for certain. You won’t find that look come right on the heels of you saying, “Why do you always drop your dirty towel on the floor for me to pick up?” or “I hate that ugly old shirt on you.”

There’s another thing for certain. You will find that look if you hunt for it in the bedroom. Flirt and have fun with your love in the bedroom. Before we were married, our focus should have been on being modest. After we are married our focus should be on . . . not being modest in the bedroom. Never let him go hungry. Feed your husband a steak and lobster dinner in the bedroom and he won’t settle for fast food. Y

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Please share some fun ways that you ‘flirt’ with your hubby……

Love, Love, Love,

Lorrie, Randy’s Rib

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