Never Good Enough

In talking to homeschoolers and moms all around the world I have realized something that we all share. Regardless as to your station in life, how long you have been married, whether you have 2 or 12 children, or are a new or seasoned homeschooler, NONE of us feel like we are hitting a home run when it comes to parenting, marriage, homemaking, homeschooling, or your relationship with God.

No mom ever feels like she is succeeding 100 percent! Now, isn’t that comforting? You are NOT ALONE. You are in one of the biggest camps there is—that of women feeling dissatisfied with their performance. And the really funny thing is, not only are you not alone in feeling like you need to do better, the minute you do feel as if you are doing it all right, you aren’t.

As soon as you think you’ve got it all together, you don’t. Because it is at that very moment that pride sets in and takes over. And with pride, comes a fall. “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall,” Proverbs 16:18.

Keep a humble heart because that is a teachable heart. Take comfort that you are not alone, and recognize that if you do feel completely successful, you are not!



Now, tell me this………

What is your biggest challenge?

Is it parenting,



or your relationship with God?

And why?

Love, Love, Love,

Lorrie, Randy’s Rib

Dedicated to Helping You Live God’s Priorities, Love Your Abundant Life, and Laugh Along the Way!

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