What is Rest?

Let’s talk for a minute about rest. There are going to be times that you do need to step aside and slow down. Realize God can reach you in a different way when you are at the end of your own endurance and strength. At this time you are open to receiving lessons He has for you that you could not accept or understand when all is going fine.


Don’t just go shopping, out to dinner, or take a nap, how about really relaxing? Let me spell it for you with an acronym for “rest.”



R – relax, recreation

E – enjoy, external focus

S – sit still at His feet and soak up His Word, sleep

T – thankful for His blessings, tea or coffee


You see, none of these requires you to leave home to rest. Instead, they have you sitting down and resting in your homes with your loved ones nearby.

Remember, when it is rest that you crave, you want more than the kind that comes from simplifying or reorganizing your life or taking a bath. When you long for rest you are longing to find solitude at God’s feet. You know it is here you will be truly refreshed by His calming peace and strength.


It is this kind of rest—this abiding in Him—that that enables you to:

  •  Avoid spiritual burnout
  • Sense a gratifying fulfillment in all your work
  • Enjoy greater intimacy with God
  • Drink deeply of the riches in God’s Word
  • Revive your heart through prayer and worship

When you long for rest, find a quite place at God’s feet—a place where you can listen to Him, open your heart to Him, and experience true rest.

Christ’s life outwardly was one of the most troubled lives that ever lived: tempest and tumult, tumult and tempest, the waves breaking over it all the time until the worn body was laid in the grave. But the inner life was a sea of glass. The great calm was always there.

At any moment you might have gone to Him and found rest. And even when the human bloodhounds were dogging Him in the streets of Jerusalem, He turned to His disciples and offered them, as a last legacy, “My peace.”


“God lives forever! You can run to Him for safety. His powerful arms are always there to carry you,” Deuteronomy 33:27 (NIRV).


Rest is not a hallowed feeling that comes over us in church; it is the repose of a heart set deep in God.  – Drummond


Where is the place in your home where you find this kind of REST?

Love, Love, Love,

Lorrie, Randy’s Rib

Dedicated to Helping You Live God’s Priorities, Love Your Abundant Life, and Laugh Along the Way!


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